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In Photos: Old Town Talinn, Estonia

In Photos: Old Town Talinn, Estonia

The old town of Talinn, Estonia, surprised me. Not that I had any particular expectation. I didn’t. But these photos of

Talinn, Estonia

, speak for themselves. I was not planning for something that rivaled the well-preserved old town of Sweden’s Stockholm. Old town Talinn, Estonia, is a compact walkable city with lots of incredible history and numerous photogenic lines making it a perfect place for photography, I would also point out that as mid-summer approaches Talinn, Estonia, the longer the period of golden light is available.

Of course, these are only some of my favorites of the Old Town, and I ended up taking well over 800 shots in only five days. So, the country has a lot to offer.

As a writer, I have stories coming about hotels, food and the fascinating Setoland, and its people, by the Estonia/Russia border. However, what sticks out mostly is the Estonian history with Russia.

As with all my photos, I shoot with a Canon 60d and a flexible 18-135mm lens.

In Photos: Old Town Talinn, Estonia

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  1. Gorgeous photos – I’ve been to Tallinn twice (both kind of by accident – it was the cheapest way to get from St Petersburg back to the rest of Europe!) – and have adored it both times.
    Amanda Kendle recently posted..7 super shots … and a bunch of travel memories

  2. Thanks Amanda,

    Still looking to visit St Petersburg, myself. Drove through briefly on an odd little road in the Setolands.

  3. Beautiful pics. Makes me want to visit and “get lost” in the streets and just discover people and things.
    Sedona Hikes recently posted..V-Bar-V or West Clear Creek

    • Thanks Sedona,

      I think it is the right track to get lost. So worth it.

  4. Great photo journey, I have never been to Estonia, I have much more travelling to do but you have inspired me here. A very beautiful place.

  5. Hi Kelly,
    It really was an incredible trip. Safe, clean and independent from the Soviets.
    Devin recently posted..The Modern Muslim Woman

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