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I Ruin Music for All in Mexico City (video)

Travel writing is a great opportunity to take chances. Thankfully, I was wearing stripes. They are supposed to make me look less portly. The sunglasses acting as hairnet did nothing to distract from my tattered hairline. I stood next to the restaurant’s guitar player requesting a song. In a moment, I found myself reducing one of my all-time favorite songs to rubble, in public, in Mexico City during FITA 2010. Fortunately, the cameo appearance by the smooth Latin troubadour saves the day. Next time I will learn the words.

In order to wash the image of me (even when wearing stripes) butchering a classic song from your mind, I offer this video by the incomparable Luis Miguel combining Cuando Calienta el Sol and a Buns of Steel video that puts most 80s hair band videos to shame. The first 30 seconds are slow and almost painful, but then the pillow fighting, thong-clad lovelies, shirtless hunks in teeny panties and sun kissed beaches take over.

For the record, I have also sung a karaoke version Luis Miguel’s Cuando Calienta el Sol in a charming bar in Puerto Morelos a few years back. I am grateful there is no video evidence of this humiliation.

Video by Teresa Rodriguez of Jetset Extra
Photo by Berenice L. Gonzalez


  1. Not crazy about the Luis Miguel video, but yours is totally fun!
    Gray recently posted..10-10-10 Travel Deal from Marriott

  2. Luis Miguel has nothin’ on you (I mean, you are wearing so much more!)

    Very cool; it looks like a lot of fun. We are actually discussing our return to Oaxaca via Mexico City, which means it won’t be too long before we can enjoy Tacos al Pastor again soon. Mmmmmm…

    • Tacos al Pastor does sound pretty good. I have a similar relationship with Mole.

  3. OMG… someone is a singer here… and I bet you had a lot of fun!
    Norbert recently posted..Roadie Portable Speaker System Review

  4. Devin – I wuld like to suggest you start doing a daily podcast. It can start with something small – 3 to 5 minutes. You can write – you can talk – you are a good looking guy and come off very well in 2D – the future of entertainment is internet TV – this is a good way to start a travel show with your special twist. You can expand it with video, photo montages, interviews, information and bargains for travelers. Just a thought…

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