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My Top Ten Travel Revisits

For those of you who were with me last week when I shared, My Top 10 Places I Need to Travel, What’s Yours? This is an obvious and necessary follow up, My Top Ten Places I Need to Travel to Again, What’s Yours? Of course, I would be happy to revisit most places I have been. However, here are my top ten for the moment.

10. Japan
Would be higher on the list if I just didn’t return from there.

9. Puerto Rico
I loved the energy, food, music, architecture and beaches.

8. Nicaragua
Similar to Japan in that I have recently visited

7. Brazil

One word: Carnival

6. Cook Islands
When of the best travel surprises ever.

5. Denmark
I still hope to one day move to Copenhagen

4. Costa Rica

I saw four kinds of monkeys before noon on my first day.

3. Thailand
What a photogenic and interesting place!

2. Iceland
For a while, I was thinking I was drawn to Iceland because I was the reincarnation of Snorri Sturluson (probable writer of the Icelandic Sagas). Still drawn but less certain about why. Sadly, an erupting volcano may make it hard to return to Iceland for some time to come.

1. Ireland
Twenty years again I was offered a job to play guitar and hang around for a few pints. I was told, “We can’t pay you much, but you will eat and drink and have good craic.” I believed him, but refused the invitation. Ireland was the first country of a planned 25-country visit. To this day, I wonder what if…

Now it’s your turn. If not ten. What is your number one dream place to return.


  1. Places I would love to see again:

    4. Mexico City: My favorite city thus far. I’ve been there three times, and I would go three more if I could!

    3. Edinburgh: I went with my brother for Hogmanay, and had an awesome time! I would like to start there and then take a tour of the Scottish country side. I hear Glasgow is even better.

    2. Vietnam: LOVE Vietnam! I was in Saigon for roughly 35 hours, and I would love to see it again. And every place I missed. A magical country.

    1. Chile: Another spectacularly beautiful place that I only got a small taste of. Next time I go, I’m going south to the Archipelago.
    .-= Xochitl-Julisa´s last blog ..Earth & Poetry Day April 18 at Whittier Narrows Nature Area =-.

  2. In need to go back to….

    1. Costa Rica, nature
    2. Mexico, I used to go all the time, but watching the news too much.
    3. Roatan in Honduras, for the snorkeling and diving
    4. Argentina, Women!
    5. Cuba, carrying a lot of cash is a headache but worht it

  3. Hi Nyima,

    In general, I delete comments that only function to promote personal businesses. However, I do recommend joining the conversation and using the url box to link to your site, or try CommentLuv, which is a great community and a good system for link backs without having to force a url into your comments.
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  4. Hi Mike,

    I was in Honduras last year and had to leave my trip early due to my time constraints and missed Roatán. I am jealous. I hear it is fantastic.

    Hi Xochi,
    I am still waiting for Vietnam and Chile. Oddly, I have landed a few times in Mexico City, but never left the airport. I have heard so many odd things about the city. Either really good or really bad. Edinburgh. on the other hand, I have many fond memories of the Royal Mile, and more cloudy memories of many visits to distilleries.
    .-= Devin Galaudet´s last blog ..My Top Ten Places I Need to Travel to Again, What’s Yours? =-.

  5. I went on an extended backpacking trip to Africa that included South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Lesotho, Zambia and a few others coutries a few years back. One of the most amazing and humbling experiences of my life. Hell yes I want to go back. I recommend to all.

  6. I definitely want to go back to the following one day:

    6. Cuba
    5. India
    4. South Africa
    3. Thailand
    2. Fiji
    1. Laos (a beautiful unspoilt country – one of my all time favourites!)

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