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The Sunday Check In, 8/15

The last few days have been a series of late nights, palpitations, panicked emails and sitting on hold with no answers in sight.

It all started with a simple note from my host server, the company that keeps ITKT and TWL safe and available to read. They wanted to let me know that my “CPU usage” was high. So high, in fact, that they were discussing turning off my sites. They could not tell me how to fix the problem or even point me in the right direction, but needed it done asap.

My aimless quest led me through platforms, themes, scripts, plugins, permalinks, redirects, super caching and many Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (for emotional support). After a few days of stressing and deep thought, I might have figured the problem out. As of this moment, I am still in a holding pattern waiting to hear from five different tech people to coordinate and confirm.

For those who do not know running a web site frequently means having to wear many hats. The tech hat is the most frustrating by far. For now, I will take a deep breaths and hope for the best. And yes, this whole techy universe feels like a very inexact science at times.

Oddly, the first part of the week was productive. I wrote (one article is for one of the most prestigious web sites in the world) and sent out business proposals. I received my new (snazzy) business cards and interviewed India Tourism for Travel Writing Rockstar.


Outstanding Japan article needs to finish. I also need to shift my attention to my first ebook about making it in the travel industry as a writer, Travel Writing Rockstar. This means explaining how to get the perks and accessing the part of the travel industry that makes it all worthwhile.

I have also promised a friend to get a “real” book proposal together for her to shop on my behalf. I need three perfected chapters and a good argument why others might want to read it.


Time to start video editing Travel Writing Rockstar. There are now multiple hours of footage to organize and edit.


I am looking to put platforms, themes, scripts, plugins, permalinks, redirects, super caching and many Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups behind me.

This week’s photo is long bridge in Greece. I could use a long bridge right about now. Greece would be pretty nice as well.

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